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Why I Got Involved In Walk 15® And Essentrics Exercise

Gay Herron

For years, I’ve concentrated on family, work and friends. While that has given me much joy, I realized that I needed to put more focus on staying fit and healthy. I enthusiastically jumped into fitness activities but tried programs that were far too advanced for me that, not surprisingly, ended in injury and discouragement. I discovered Leslie Sansone’s Walk 15® program and immediately recognized this was the perfect fit - moving at a pace I could control coupled with easy-to-do steps. It was not only an intense workout but loads of fun.

And then I discovered and added the Essentrics program certification. The Essentrics technique developed by Miranda Esmonde-White has literally changed my life. I’ve improved my posture, pulled aches and pains from my joints and increased my flexibility and strength. I don’t know if it’s possible to become addicted to Essentrics routines, but my body has.