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September 2016

NOW is the time to start your New Year’s resolution!

Summer is making way for fall and the rapid succession of holidays that result in another set of New Year’s resolutions that will be abandoned. Isn’t it time to break out of that same old routine? The answer is definitely yes and if you’re going to break out of a routine, why not break out in a big way?

Instead of waiting four months to set health and fitness resolutions, why not start now? Think about it. When you start a workout routine it takes some time to turn it into a habit. The road to a habit includes many bumps (missed workouts, an extra piece of cake, hitting the snooze button). It’s much easier to keep your wheels on that bumpy road when the weather is still relatively nice (can’t use a snow storm as your excuse) and you’re still wearing clothes that show your toned muscles.

Then there’s the triple threat of Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas cookies that are heading your way. Instead of risking injury by overdoing it at your first January workout, offset the extra calories with regular workouts that start now!

Finally, there’s the pure joy you’ll feel when friends and co-workers bemoan holiday season over indulgences and vow that they’ll make 2017 the year they finally become regular excercisers. No anxiety on your part! You’re beyond the bumpy road they have ahead of them, and it’s nothing but smooth sailing from January 1 to a new sleeveless summer.

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