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Bursting (not stepping) out of your comfort zone

On the spectrum of change there is the person who embraces change and the person who is change averse. Where are you when it comes to change? Do you find it exciting to try new things and meet new people or are you most comfortable when your life follows a familiar pattern?

Without a doubt, your muscles and bones require new challenges to stay strong. But more and more research is showing that the new neural pathways that are formed when someone takes on a new challenge (from learning a new language to learning a new exercise routine) lead to healthier aging.

It also turns out that dipping your toe in the water of change may not provide nearly the same benefits as taking a running jump into the deep end. The thrill of victory that comes after fumbling and stumbling through something new releases substantially more endorphins than the careful process of researching a potential new interest, observing, trying a few minutes and then taking time to decide if it’s for you. This is especially true of physical activity.

Bodies become very efficient when it comes to activity. Your body might have let go of double-digit pounds through daily two-mile walks, but eventually it shifted to auto-pilot. That’s your body’s saying, “You mastered this goal, now we can just about do this in our sleep. Time to step up your game!”

Studies have also shown that people who add variety to their exercise routine are 60 percent more likely to stick with working out compared to people who never try anything new. In fact, boredom with a chosen activity is in the top three reasons why people stop exercising.

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