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4 Things You Can’t Recover

After I turned 60, I definitely would have added “Your Body as You Age” because that’s when the aches and pains begin. Aging takes us by surprise. One day we’re at the “top of our game” and then overnight we begin to feel aches in our joints, our backs, our knees and an overall stiffness … and we wonder what happened! Everyone around us, including doctors, say that’s the start of aging ─it happens to everyone. My mother was firmly convinced that after 50 each decade brought its own set of aches and pains… in your 60’s your hips and knees hurt, the 70’ s bring the back pain, and in your 80’s ─well, everything hurts!

Yes, aging does happen to all of us, but we can reverse the effects. How do we do that? By moving to keep our muscles strong. Our body was created with complex systems to keep us active and vibrant well into our 80’s─and exercise is the medicine. The slow, gentle movement of Essentrics simultaneously stretches and strengthens all 650 muscles in the body and rebalances all 384 joints in a safe way to avoid or relieve the most common pain conditions often related to aging.

plaqueI am my own testimonial. I know it works. I once had shoulder and hip pain that I expected to stay with me the rest of my life…and now it’s gone!



Fit after 5-oh

A gathering of people over the age of 50 almost always includes the phrase, “It’s not fun growing old.” Part of the non-fun is that most people 50+ still think of themselves as half their actual age. Those older people in the mirror can’t be them! The other part of the non-fun is the aches and pains that come with aging.

The magic of exercise is that it not only adds a youthful glow, it can also ease aching joints and muscles. And there’s even good news for people who haven’t been active as they’ve aged: when started correctly, the results from an exercise program are quickly noticeable. That’s a motivator right there!

The key to getting the most out of exercise after age 50 is to have a basic understanding of the aging body. Muscle mass can diminish as people age. According to a study publish in the American Journal of Medicine, muscle mass can actually predict how long you’ll live and how well you’ll live through the rest of your life.

Adding even 15 minutes of strength and stretching exercises to your day can be exactly what your body needs as you age. Strong and supple muscles will support bones and joints that might otherwise ache. Carrying groceries and reaching for an item on a top shelf won’t result in a new pain when you’ve built the muscles needed for everyday activities through regular strength and stretching workouts.

img_1828Solefit’s ESSENTRICS® workouts can help you make all the right moves as you age. Try a class today!