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Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m not very flexible. Will I be able to do the program?

Yes, Essentrics is for everybody regardless of flexibility, level of fitness, weight, age or ability. If you consistently do the routines, you will experience weight loss, increased range of motion, reduced pain in aching joints, improved posture and overall body shape.

Do I need a background in Pilates, Tai chi or Pilates?

No! While some understanding of Pilates, Tai Chi or Pilates may help you better understand the underlying principles of the exercise routines, anyone regardless of fitness experience can achieve the benefits of the Essentrics program.

What if I have an injury or have a special condition?

If the injury or condition is serious and certain exercises could do harm, please discuss the program and get clearance from your doctor before starting the program. The instructor can modify the routines to accommodate individual needs.

Walk 15®

Who should enroll in a Walk 15® class?

Walk 15® classes are good for everyone - busy moms, active sports participants, at-work walkers, seniors and youth. If you can walk, you can do it.

What if I’ve never worked out on a regular basis?

That’s OK! Everyone walks at his/her own pace. Go slower when you start out or when you need to and as you get stronger, your pace will increase. There’s no right or wrong way to do this class. You’re moving - that’s the most important thing!

What kind of strength training is added to the walking workout?

You will use firm bands, also known as resistance bands, to work your upper body. Your chest, shoulders, back, biceps and triceps get a great workout. Walkers can add 2, 3 or 5 lb. weights to gain a deeper level of strength training. Don’t be concerned about creating muscle bulk - actually the opposite occurs. Five pounds of muscles has a smaller area than five pounds of fat resulting in the strong, lean look you want.

What equipment do I need for the class?

Comfortable exercise clothes, walking/cross training shoes, water and enthusiasm are all you need. The resistance bands needed for the strength-training portion of the workout are provided.

Why walk for exercise?

Walking is the foundation for all fitness. You can always add other types of workouts into your rotation.
Brisk walking on a regular basis will keep you fit enough to participate in other activities. The “brisk” pace is what makes this walking workout effective - this is not just taking a stroll around the block.